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Sri Lanka is a paradise of unlimited sun, sea, sand and surf all year round. Sri Lanka is never out of season for a beach holiday. There is always some part of the beach that has friendly and warm waters. Sri Lanka is blessed with all the essential ingredients to form a variety of picturesque waterfalls. Numerous rivers and streams amounting to more than 100, precipitous mountain ranges and platens, rains from two monsoons, convectional and cyclonic rains get together to form the most attractive falls .

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The mountains of Sri Lanka abound with waterfalls of exquisite beauty. The island is blessed with 103 rivers and more than 130 waterfalls and many of them are virtually unknown, hidden away in forest or approached by steps and remote tea plantation tracks. In fact for it’s size Sri Lanka has recorded water falls than another country. Sri Lanka’s numerous rivers, fed by two half yearly monsoons, with topography of high and steeply scarped peneplains, and riverbeds of hard erosion-resistant metamorphic rock, all provide ideal ingredient for the formation of waterfalls.To experience the true essence of Nature in the land of scenic beauty, Sri Lanka, it is a must to visit at least a few of the innumerable waterfalls of the country.

Aberdeen Falls (View More)

Alakola Falls(View More).
Baker's Falls ( More)

Bomburu Ella.(View More). Bopath Ella Falls( More)

Diyaweten Ella.(View More).Dehigala Ella( More)

Diyaluma Falls (More)... Doovili Ella (More)

15. Elgin Falls (View More). 16. Ethamala Falls ( More)

17. Galboda Ella.(View More).

20. Glain Falls..(View More)...21. Handapan Ella ( More)

23. Hathmale Falls ( More) 24. Huluganga Falls (More)

26. Kabaragoyi Ella.(View). 27. Kirindi Ella (View More)

29. Kurunduoya Falls.( More)30. Laxapana Falls (More)

32. Lovers Leap (More). 33. Madanagiri Falls (View )

35. Manawela Falls (More)...36. Mannakethi Ella (More)

37. Mapanana Falls (More).38. Nakkawita Falls (More)

.41. Oolu Ella (More)

43. Puna Falls.(More). 44. Pundalu Oya Falls (More)

46. Rahas Ella (More)... 47. Ravana Falls (View More)

49. Sampath Ella (View)..50. Surathali Ella (View)

52. St. Clair's Falls.( More).


beautiful beaches in
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Sri Lanka is very renowned for its beaches. The whole island is surrounded by blue crystal clear ocean. The beautiful, breath-taking and panoramic views of the western, southern, eastern and northern coastlines are proofs of choosing Sri Lanka as your next holiday destination. Since the country is with a tropical climate Sun-bathing and sea-bathing all year round is popular among many tourists to Sri Lanka. The beaches around the northern coastline are fringed with palm trees whereas the rest of the coastlines are bordered with coconut trees.


Arugam Bay (Read More) (View More)

Batticaloa................ ...........


Hikkaduwa........... ........

10. Koggala.. .................. 11. Mirissa

13. Negombo .......... . .....

17. Polhena ..... . ...... . .... .. .. 17. Tangalle

Trincomalee ...............Unawatuna


Wildlife Parks and Nature Reserves

A wide range of National Parks, nature reserves and safari lodges have been established throughout Sri Lanka, covering vast areas of bio-diverse terrain, all the way from Willpattu National Park in the north of the country, down toYala National Park in the south with many others in between. There are 32 forests categorized as conservation forests including Knuckles Mountain Range. Strict nature reserves, national parks, nature reserves, forest corridors and sanctuaries recognized under the Flora and Fauna Protection Ordinance are managed by Department of Wildlife Conservation. Total of all categories of areas protected is 1,767,000 ha. Protected areas in Sri Lanka accounts for 26.5 percent of total area. This is a higher percentage of protected areas than in all of Asia and much of the World.

Anawilundawa Bird Sanctuary (View More)
Bundala National Park (More) .....

Horton Plains National Park (More) . .

Kitulgala – Kelani Valley Forest Reserve

Sinharaja Rainforest. Somawathiya National Park

Udawalawe National Park..

Wasgamuwa National Park

14.Wilpattu National Park .... 15. Yala National Park

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