We at work as a service providing company for Sri Lankan Tours, Travels, Trips, Vacations, Holiday Reservation and Transport Arrangements etc. We understand different tourists have different interest and always try to cater to their individual needs rather than stick only to standard tour packages. Our main focus is to arrange tailor-made small group tour packages because then we can attend to their travel interests personally. But this does not mean we are not interested in large groups. Whether itís one individual traveler or a group of 50 people we provide the best travel services and make your visit a pleasurable and a memorable one.


We closely work with the best Adventure Professionals, Experienced Tour Guides, Nature experts, Culture & History professionals in our tour arrangement process from initial tour design stage to the very end.

focus Budget Traveling also a lot.† That is why if you go to our Budget Travel Category in our website you find so many tours available for Budget Travelers. All you have to do is to select the one that suits you, submit your query, then we will guide you how you can enjoy reasonably a good vacation in Sri Lanka for a less price. Since its budget traveling, we donít promise you best accommodation and facilities but we always make sure that you get value for money.

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We can arrange tailor made tour packages for Camping, Bird watching, Trekking, Hiking, walking,† Caving, Speleology,† Waterfall visits, Sri Lanka's Native Rain forest Exploration, Organizing Wild life Safaris,† Arranging White water rafting , Canoeing,† Scuba diving,† Snorkeling,† Mountain biking,†† Rock climbing, Whales and dolphin watching, Jeep tours,4 WD Adventures, Cross Country Tours, Off Road Adventures, Surfing, Special Interest Tours, Buddhism, Ayurveda, Butterfly Watching, Turtle watching, Flora and Fauna, Pre-Historic Civilizations, Nature Weddings, Honeymoon Packages, /indigenous Tribe - Veddas -, Asian Elephants, Water Skiing, Wind Surfing, Sea Kayaking, Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing , Water Sports, Endemic birds / Whale Spotting / Yoga / Meditation. †

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WHY Tailor-made with us

For a unique Tailor Ėmade tour you can visit our tailor made tour page and submit what you want. We will contact you within 48 hours proposing what is best for you. Then you can add your thoughts and we can finalize a good tailor made package for you.

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Accommodation with †††††

We also focus arranging accommodation to your first night day and last day of your vacation in Sri Lanka. In simple your accommodation soon after your arrival and prior to your departure. THILON Group sister company THILON Hotels is the ideal place for your first and last day stay in Sri Lanka. Since the hotel is close to the Colombo Airport (CMB)which is only 5 Minutes Drive, guests who stay the First and/or Last night during their vacation with us will find it very convenient to plan their holiday, and also can avoid the last minute rush. Simply it's ideal for the last night before your departure from Sri Lanka or for the first night on arrival. For more information click hear Hotel THILON .

We also can help you to find other hotels available in different parts of the country that suits your budget. Visit our accommodation page to select the hotel to your preference.



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